Tyler Sosin

Tyler re-joined Menlo Ventures as a Principal in 2014. Tyler invests in both B2B and B2C markets, but his passion is backing talented entrepreneurs who are building delightful and disruptive technology enabled services and products that are sticky to the end user. He loves annuities, network effects, liquidity moats, systems of records, and high frequency transactional and replenishment businesses that explicitly or implicitly keep customers around – ideally forever. Tyler jokes that his goal is to back a business that one day Warren Buffet would like to buy because of its enduring value. He knows he’s running out of time.

Tyler looks for these types of opportunities across a wide variety of markets & verticals. He finds a lot of “scratch” in complex, often regulated, and highly profitable industries – like Financial Services, but he also finds plenty to get excited about in next generation SAAS & Security, vertically integrated ecommerce, marketplaces, and data networks / connectivity, for a variety of industries.

Tyler’s investments include BlueVine, Bread, eShares, FiveStars, Homelight, PillPack, RealtyShares, Stance, tCell.io.

Previously, Tyler was an associate at Accel Partners in London, where he sourced investments in Aorato (sold to Microsoft), GoCardless, FlyWire, and Calastone, and spent a lot of time in the UK, the Nordics, France and Israel looking for investment opportunities.

Tyler’s first job out of college was at Menlo Ventures, where he was an analyst for 2.5 years, and sourced investments in EdgeCast Networks (sold to Verizon), DataXu, Dstillery, and ReadyForce.

Tyler has a B.A in International Relations from Stanford University. In his free time, he enjoys to play chess (improving, but still consistently beaten by his older brother), golf, ski, travel, and read books and listen to podcasts (fiction, economic history, behavioral economics, This American Life, etc.).

Current Investments


Prior Investments

Edgecast, acquired by Verizon
ReadyForce, acquired by LookSharp


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