Mark Siegel

Mark joined Menlo in 1996.  He invests primarily in enterprise/cloud infrastructure, security, and SaaS. Although mostly an enterprise investor, Mark has made some consumer investments like DropCam (acquired by Nest), Eero, and Tenor (largest mobile .gif platform). He thinks there is a renaissance in consumer hardware connected to cloud services and intelligence. He has also recently dabbled in drones and autonomous vehicle technology and AI.

Mark’s active investments and board seats include Dstillery, Eero, Getaround, Invidi, PernixData (acquired by Nutanix), Platform9, Pluribus Networks, Tenor, Tintri, and Warby Parker. Some of his previous board seats include 3PAR (acquired by HP), Dropcam (acquired by Google’s Nest), eXelate (acquired by Nielsen), Pliant Technology (acquired by SanDisk), RNA Networks (acquired by Dell), BlueGill Technologies (acquired by Checkfree), Rubric (acquired by Broadbase) and Voltage Security (acquired by HP).

Mark is a graduate of MIT (B.S. in Physics with Electrical Engineering) and the Stanford Graduate School of Business. At MIT, Mark did computer modeling of dark matter and galaxy formation which eventually landed him as a product manager for Oracle’s Massively Parallel Processing Group. In this role, he was part of the original team that developed and deployed one of the first true massively parallel and multi-threaded commercial software offerings – the Oracle Parallel Server. Mark then started and managed a consulting group at Oracle dedicated to serving early customers of this product. In business school, Mark got the startup bug and went on to work in business development for Netscape from the first year of its inception through its IPO in 1996.

Mark is still actively involved with both Stanford and MIT, serving on MIT’s Corporation Development Committee and Stanford’s Engineering School and Business School venture investment boards. Mark is also a board member of the Western Association of Venture Capitalists (WAVC) and has been a member of the Dean’s advisory committee to MIT’s School of Science.

Mark grew up in Chicago and now lives in Portola Valley, CA with his wife and two children. In his spare time, he enjoys music, mountain biking, and skiing, and fantasizes about going to cooking school someday.

Current Investments

Invidi Technologies
Pluribus Networks
Warby Parker

Prior Investments

3PAR, acquired by HP (HPQ)
BlueGill Technologies, acquired by Checkfree
Dropcam, acquired by Google’s Nest
eXelate, acquired by Nielsen
Pliant Technology, acquired by SanDisk (SNDK)
Rubric, acquired by Broadbase
RNA Networks, acquired by Dell
Schooner Information Technology, acquired by SanDisk (SNDK)
Voltage Security, acquired by HP


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