Grace Ge

Grace Ge is passionate about supporting entrepreneurs at their most vulnerable stage to enable the growth of emerging technologies. At Menlo, Grace sources, vets, and advocates for new investments while also supporting existing portfolio companies. In this role, she will explore new areas of interest and further develop our existing theses around consumerization of the enterprise, future of work/productivity tooling, customer service/success/sales enablement, data observability/quality, etc.

Deep understanding of the founder experience shapes her approach as an investor. Her childhood was impacted by her father’s founder journey when his startup fell victim to the 2008 financial crisis. The profound feeling of desperately wanting to help but being unable to fix propelled Grace into a career focused on company building and helping both enterprises and founders.

Before Menlo, Grace was at RRE Ventures, a NY-based venture fund. She was also President of Young Guns, the venture community in NY. She started her career in investment banking before transitioning into management consulting at Accenture, where she worked with several clients including Google, eBay, Facebook, and NetApp.

While investment banking and consulting afforded her valuable skills in analyzing companies, her role as an investor allows her to work closely with the newest generation of entrepreneurs at the earliest stages of innovation and company formation.

Grace graduated with honors from Rice University with a BA in Mathematical Economic Analysis and Political Science. In her spare time, she has served as co-lead of Pitching to the Partnership, a monthly series that connects emerging women in venture with partners from other firms, an advisor to the Board of the Made organization, which supports local startups and founders in New York and San Francisco, and a mentor to first-generation college students through the SWAG organization.

For fun, Grace is a TRX enthusiast and also an adventurous traveler. Her favorite trip? Spending a month in a campervan in New Zealand. Today, you can catch her skiing or hiking the beautiful Californian terrain on weekends.

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