Menlo Ventures

  • Menlo proved an invaluable partner in accelerating our growth.

    Brandon Nixon CEO, Lytx
  • Menlo’s commitment to Ansible was key to the amazing outcome.

    Said Ziouani CEO, Ansible
  • Menlo shared our vision and saw what others couldn’t.

    Greg Duffy CEO, Dropcam
  • Menlo’s team is highly experienced and has a history of success.

    Guy Goldstein CEO, Check
  • Menlo is the partner every entrepreneur dreams of – steady, thoughtful and courageous.

    Manish Chandra CEO, Poshmark
  • The Menlo team has been with us every step of the way.

    Jessica Scorpio, Sam Zaid, Elliot Kroo Founders of Getaround
  • Menlo has been an insightful and supportive partner for Lumosity.

    Kunal Sarkar Founder, Lumosity
  • Menlo is there when we need them, and out of the way when we don’t.

    Alex Kazerani and James Segil Cofounders, EdgeCast
  • Menlo is everything we want from a partner: Supportive. Experienced. Connected. Insightful.

    Jon Stein CEO, Betterment
  • Menlo supported Cellfire’s vision from creation to acquisition.

    Robert Drescher CEO, Cellfire
  • Their guidance from the early stages of Cavium to IPO was invaluable.

    Syed Ali Cavium Networks
  • Menlo has proven that they know how to ‘Venture Right.’

    David Scott Former CEO, 3PAR
  • Menlo shared our vision from
    start to Apple. They give VCs a
    good name.

    Dag Kittlaus, Adam Cheyer, Tom Gruber Founders of Siri

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Entrepreneurs Brandon Nixon, Lytx

Portfolio See the latest and greatest.

Our entrepreneurs want to change the world and we are in it together

We are partners in business – builders and doers.  We want to help create enduring value.

There’s no one working harder on your side.


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    Together we have a shared goal
    A shared obsession.
    We’re your ally.

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Our team is your ally.

Expertise. Integrity. Passion.

A proven track record of success.

There is no greater asset than character.

Venture Right: Our Guiding Philosophy

Great venture capital investing requires the ability to see opportunity where others see challenge. Company builders, market experts and excellent board members are words that describe venture done “right.” These are words that describe Menlo Ventures.

How do we know? We asked our entrepreneurs, limited partners and many others in our ecosystem what makes us stand out. They told us it’s how we work with our entrepreneurs. We’re straight shooters. We have their back – even when times get tough.

We are more than partners. We are allies.

Venture investing is all about discovery and partnership, transforming vision into reality.

We know this well. We’ve had decades of successful exits—70 public companies and more than 100 mergers and acquisitions since 1976. Plus, entrepreneurs keep coming back to us—20 CEOs in our current portfolio are serial entrepreneurs. And 90% of our founders were in place at the time of exit. That’s a number that few other firms can match.

When we commit, we go all-in, serving on our companies’ boards with unparalleled dedication and passion. In fact, our board counsel is Menlo’s number one added value, our entrepreneurs tell us. They appreciate our decades of experience: our partners who are engineers, patent holders, company founders, and thought leaders with great connections.

Entrepreneurs have tons of venture capitalists to choose from. They choose Menlo because of how we do business.

We don’t just invest.
We bring time, energy and passion.

  • When exiting the airport, take Highway 380 West.
  • Stay on 380 West for approximately 2 miles, where it will end at Interstate 280.
  • Take I-280 South, and travel about 30 minutes to the Sand Hill Road exit in Menlo Park.
  • Take Sand Hill Road East, which will loop around and over I-280.
  • Immediately over the freeway, turn left at the first stoplight towards Sand Hill Road West.
  • Drive straight through the next stoplight.
  • Immediately turn right onto the Sand Hill Road frontage road.
  • This road curves to the left towards 2884 Sand Hill Road.
  • Upon entering business complex, park in the visitors parking lot.
  • We are in Suite 100.

Menlo Ventures
2884 Sand Hill Rd
Suite 100

Menlo Park, CA 94025

P 650.854.8540
F 650.234.5449