Menlo’s Fuel Event: Lessons Learned From My Biggest F*Up


Success in start-up world requires many things: brilliance, vision, hard work, sacrifice, perseverance, and good luck. But there is also something else…something hidden, barely referred to, rarely discussed, and something that is never, ever, celebrated.

The F*Up

Perhaps the greatest teacher of all, it is the foundation of every successful entrepreneur’s learning curve.

Menlo Ventures hosted an event to celebrate the F*Up by hearing from a few of our favorite and most successful entrepreneurs, Jyoti Bansal the founder of AppDynamics (acquired by Cisco) and Greg Duffy Founder & CEO of Dropcam (acquired by Google Nest), who shared stories from the road and what they’ve learned, the hard way, while traveling along their paths to success.

See photos from the event here