So, what is Smarketing?

Steve Burton | VP of Smarketing at Harness

What happens when up-and-coming startups align their sales and marketing teams for maximum performance? For Harness’ Stephen Burton, experience has shown that creating an effective partnership between these two groups enhances customer interaction at every touchpoint. This cross-functional crash course and Q&A is available exclusively to Menlo’s portfolio of marketing leaders aspiring for more cohesive and transparent go-to-market initiatives.


So You’ve Raised Your Series A. Now What?

Moderated by Matt Murphy | Partner, Menlo Ventures

Raising a Series A is a huge accomplishment. You’ve convinced investors you’re ready to scale and now it’s time to deliver. But how? In this co-sponsored session, three industry veterans from Burkland Associates, DLA Piper, and Carta sit down with Menlo’s Matt Murphy to discuss the ins and outs of what it takes for early-stage entrepreneurs to get the job done.


Scaling Up Sales: Increasing Early-Stage Productivity & Growth

Mike Ogden | VP Worldwide Sales Operations, Palo Alto Networks

While there's a tendency among startup executives to put growth strategies on hold, those who enable their first-line managers to tackle sales productivity challenges early are better positioned to build companies that thrive. Mike Ogden breaks bread with Menlo sales ops executives and offers his best kept secrets for supporting expanding teams.


Enterprise Technology Day at the Ballpark

Co-Hosted by Menlo Ventures and Qualcomm Ventures

Join Qualcomm Ventures and Menlo Ventures for a day at the ballgame, featuring a select group of 10 enterprise startups and exceptional views from AT&T Park’s Alaska Airlines Loft. The fun begins with company presentations to senior IT decision makers at the exclusive Cooperstown Hall of Fame, and is followed by an afternoon of networking as the San Francisco Giants take on the Chicago Cubs.


Female Founders Dinner

Hosted by Naomi Ionita | Partner, Menlo Ventures

Hosted by Menlo’s Naomi Ionita, the Female Founders Dinner brings together an inspiring group of leaders from across the Menlo portfolio. The evening provides our female founders the opportunity to gather at Flour + Water’s private Test Kitchen in San Francisco and share experiences, ideas, and advice around the issues impacting women in the broader tech community.


Dinosaurs & Other Failures: Building a Sales Team to Ensure Your Company Avoids Extinction

Mark Williams | VP of Enterprise Sales, NVIDIA

The right team makes all the difference. Mark Williams sits down for dinner with Menlo portfolio sales executives and shares best practices around hiring the right team, pivoting when needed, and designing a compensation plan to accelerate revenue growth. He candidly shares lessons learned along the way – both the good and the bad.


The High Growth Mindset: Investing in People Ops & Strategy

Paul Whitney | Chief People Officer, Databricks

No matter where your company might be in the business lifecycle, the growth of the organization and its people should go hand-in-hand. Led by Paul Whitney, this discussion focuses on using a data-driven approach to strike the right balance between people operations and strategy to reach high-growth objectives. Paul shares how he has refined tried-and-true methods for companies growing at increasingly faster rates.


Managing Money & Expectations

Jack Lazar | Former CFO, GoPro

Money talks, but effective communication and planning are key to corporate performance. In this hands-on session, Jack Lazar discusses how establishing a clear business reporting and framework strategy can help your executive team and board identify and align organizational goals to ensure a healthy financial future. Be prepared to learn how to exceed critical business objectives by tapping into your team’s strategic potential.


TWIST: Love Your Brand

Julie Cottineau | Founder & CEO, BrandTwist

Ever wonder how Virgin’s innovative Founder, Richard Branson, manages to persistently shake things up? No, it’s not magic – the key is to find your company’s TWIST. In this highly-interactive workshop, Julie Cottineau, former Brand VP for Virgin, shares her unique approach for easy-to-implement tips to unlock new perspectives and fresh ideas to propel your business forward and upward.


Product Management: Stories from the Front Lines

Chris Yeh | Former SVP of Product, Box

Product leaders are constantly making decisions based on the best information they have at a specific time – information that could change any minute. This doesn’t always go well, and sometimes it all works out. In this free-ranging, transparent discussion, Chris Yeh walks through some of his favorite war stories and talks about the reality of coming to terms with the fact that it’s not possible to satisfy everyone.


A New & Improved HR

Ron Storn | Chief People Officer, Zume Pizza

The function of HR has undergone a dramatic shift over the past 20 years. Instead of blind execution, companies now expect their HR departments to do everything from recruitment and growth management to organizational development and inclusion. During this intimate roundtable discussion, Ron Storn shares best practices for cracking the code on HR and organizational acceleration with a values-first mindset that will help startups ensure success in the long-run.


Cultural Sustainability Through Integrity

Chris Holmberg | Founder, Middle Path Consulting

Sustained execution over time and through difficult circumstances is vital for true business success. Join Chris Holmberg for this final session of a three-part workshop series to learn how effective leaders keep focus on both results and values in the dynamic play of flexibility and discipline.


Cultural Execution Through Accountability

Chris Holmberg | Founder, Middle Path Consulting

New ideas aren’t worth much unless they can be put into practice. In this second session of a three-part workshop series with Chris Holmberg, participants have the opportunity to learn how to coordinate action through the creation and maintenance of agreements in a healthy way – by holding themselves and others accountable for in-control factors.


Cultural Innovation Through Openness

Chris Holmberg | Founder, Middle Path Consulting

Every healthy workplace culture is open to new ideas. This doesn’t mean all new ideas need to be adopted, only that they should be welcomed and considered. No matter your strategy, the ability to learn and adapt is essential. In this first session of a three-part workshop series, Chris Holmberg discusses the importance of fostering an open-minded culture in the workplace.


How to be a Great CFO

Rob Krolik | Former CFO, Yelp

Executives are increasingly looking to their finance leaders to develop and implement the strategic plans their businesses need. Led by Rob Krolik, this course includes targeted discussion sessions, case studies, and practical advice on a wide range of topics such as tax, treasury, board of directors, and facilities management to equip CFOs with the tools they need to be successful in their ever-expanding roles.