J.P. Sanday

Jean-Paul (“J.P.”) Sanday is a partner at Menlo Ventures focused on inflection-stage investments.

In 2019, J.P. came to Menlo Ventures from Summit Partners, where his board and investment experience included Smartsheet (NYSE: SMAR), Clearwater Analytics (acquired by Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe), Ascentis and Teaching Strategies. He previously served as Vice President of Growth at online education platform CreativeLive and Vice President of Growth at mobile games and entertainment company Kiwi. He co-founded a mobile ad network focused on driving high quality installs for app developers and spent time as a Product Manager at Amazon.

Focused on vertical SaaS and–more broadly–enterprise software, J.P. is particularly excited about companies defining the future of work, infusing our lives with intelligent automation and democratizing data analytics.

His favorite part of the job is partnering with passionate founders to build a business that matters.  These relationships are informed by his own experience as an executive in hypergrowth companies, where he learned the critical role culture plays in setting up a company for success. His conversations often focus on the “job” a product is hired to do, and he firmly believes nailing customer retention is the best way to build a lasting company.

J.P. graduated summa cum laude from Boston College Carroll School of Management and later earned an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business. He is Argentine and Peruvian by background, growing up in Argentina until he came to the US on a college scholarship. Now, J.P. is building his family in the Bay Area. He and his wife have two daughters. When he’s not with his family or in the office, you can find him riding his bike or scuba diving somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.

Prior Investments 

Clearwater Analytics


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